Within this section, you will find questions corresponding to recurring questions raised by former or current users of the EOCare service, as well as the related answers.

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Q: I am not European, can I use the EOCare service??

A: Unlike the RUS service, EOCare is open to any customer, whatever his/her citizenship or country of residence..

Q: I am working in a private company, can I use the EOCare service?

A: People working in SME or industrial companies are eligible to the EOCare service just as those belonging to public bodies, government agencies and research organisations.

Q: I want to deliver a training session based on a specific software. Is this possible?

A: If the software you need is part of those already installed as a standard in the EOCare working environment, there is no issue and you will be able to prepare your training rapidly. If not, we will check if this tool is compatible with our environment and add it to those available.

Q: I intend to organise a course but my organisation does not own any training facilities. Can you help me?

A: You do not need to supply your trainees with specific hardware. Using the EOCare working environment, a simple laptop with a standard browser is enough to attend your course.