The EOCare process includes two major steps.

Before the training

  • The EOCare helpdesk analyses the request submitted by the organiser and identifies his technical requirements, as well as the training conditions used to prepare a quotation to be approved by the organiser.
  • Once the quotation is accepted, the trainer is allocated an instance of our standard working environment customised to his needs so that he can prepare/develop his hands-on exercises, thus allowing him to validate this instance. If adaptations are needed, the EOCare ICT experts implement them in order to finalise the environment which will be the reference or master for the whole session.
  • The applicants register through the EOCare portal following the guidelines supplied to them beforehand.

During the training

  • The days before the session starts, the working environments are cloned from the master version, and the services offered to the attendees are open. The latter receive at that time all the necessary information to access their resources and get support in case a technical issue arises.
  • Next step is the training delivery, either on site or remotely, with the support of our experts through the EOCare chat.
  • Once completed, all the allocated working environments are deleted before the corresponding services are closed.