The EOCare service has been developed and is operated by a consortium gathering CS Group (Fr) and Serco SpA (It). The team builds on the experience gained from the Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) service, developed and operated during 4 years on behalf of the European Commission under the responsibility of the European Space Agency to promote the uptake of Copernicus data and support the scaling up of educational and R&D activities.

CS Group

For nearly 40 years, CS Group and its Space Business Unit have been successfully delivering turnkey systems and providing engineering services for space and its applications markets.

The company is a recognized prime contractor and a major and proven long-term trusted partner for space agencies, satellite operators and space application actors.

CS Group has a sound expertise in end-to-end image processing and image quality systems in the wide field of Earth observation. It is also strongly involved in big data and distributed cloud computing technologies, developing its own suite of tools based on open-source technologies.

At last, it has also experience working in close collaboration with the space user community, particularly performing training activities, but also carrying out helpdesk and user forum moderation activities.

Serco SpA

Serco Group plc is a worldwide company specialised in the management and operation of outsourced services for the public and private sectors.

Since its creation, it has consistently supported the space activities of national and international agencies, including the European Space Agency since early 1970’s and Eumetsat since 1995.

With more than 40 years of experience, Serco is now among the top 50 world space manufacturing and service companies and a recognised sector leader in the development and integration of state-of-art Earth observation big data cloud based open-source solutions.

Finally, the Serco training team supports Earth observation scientists and pre-operational users to transfer expertise and knowledge through innovative training programmes aimed at fostering the development of tomorrow’s applications and services.